welcome to MRM Software Inc.

A health care and medical equipment software development company

Complexity in Healthcare, Health Services, and Medical Equipment maintenance strategies requires custom-developed software to facilitate the vital role of interoperability, creating forward-thinking Healthcare software solutions.

welcome to MRM Software Inc.

A Custom Health Care and Medical Equipment Interface Development Company

Complexity in Healthcare, Health Services, and Medical Equipment maintenance strategies requires custom-developed software to facilitate the vital role of interoperability.

MRM is a leading forward-thinking software development provider founded in 2008. A software solution partner, helping to create custom applications to address your specific needs and ensure compliance within your industry or internal healthcare standards and protocols.

Our mission is to be the leader in providing custom software to increase Patient Quality of Care, Patient Safety, Work Flow Efficiency, and Biomedical Engineering Technology Management for the healthcare industry.

Biomedical Equipment Management and Interfacing Software

MRM Technical Software

MRM Software Inc. understands the stringent record-keeping requirements that healthcare facilities are required to maintain. It is a higher standard than other industries, due to patient safety and the proper testing requirements of all medical equipment within their facilities.

MRM Technical Software has been developed specifically for the Dialysis Technical Community based on their specific requirements and needs. Our software has been completely designed in-house from the ground up and thoroughly tested by Dialysis Technologists, Renal Nurses, Dialysis Managers and Dialysis Equipment Vendors.

MRM Technical has built-in user-friendly interfaces containing specific modules for; Staff Scheduling, Staff Communications, Unit Contact Manager, Water Treatment Processes and Records, Detailed in-centre Dialysis Machines Records, Central Delivery Records, Inventory Records, Technical Staff Task Assignments, Other Equipment Repairs Records, Microbiology Records, Report Queries, Technical Resources and Manuals, and Software Administration.

MRM Technical was designed to run and manage all day to day technical operations. Each customer receives; unlimited work orders, paperless records, 100% hosted software with no local software to install, unlimited users and divisions, free upgrades, customized water record forms and full reporting capability for all your department needs.

MRM also has two separate or add-on modules available for all MRM clients.

MRM Home Module is a custom module designed to allow information on demand for all technical components used within a Home Dialysis Program, preventing the waste of valuable resources. Custom interface records for documentation of all related home visits. Including home visit scheduling, initial home visit, home unit build-out, delivery, installation and testing compliance of initial home dialysis equipment, ORN testing compliance, home dialysis machine repairs, preventative maintenance for both home dialysis machines and water treatment components, vehicle records for mileage and expenses and technical time tracking support for ORN reimbursement.

MRM Home Modules provides the independence of home patients but allows the technical support staff to maintain strict compliance for all equipment.

MRM H2O Interface Module is a custom module designed to monitor your water treatment components remotely. Real-time display of RO status, recording of RO data directly into database streamlining data collection, trending data, real-time notifications (SMS/Paging) for errors or alarms, daily emails of RO status, and importing of RO data directly into custom units daily water record.

$0/6 month trial

No Obligation Trial

  • Remote Evaluation
  • Remote User Training
  • Mon-Sat Email Support
  • Includes Fully Functioning MRM Technical Module
  • 1 Customized Water Record
  • Up to 10 Users, 1 Division, 1 Dialysis Machine
  • $3,799.00 Fully Refundable Setup Fee

$500/ month


  • On-site Evaluation
  • Hands on Training
  • Mon-Sat Phone/Web/Email Support
  • Includes Complete MRM Technical Module
  • 2 Customized Water Records
  • Unlimited Users, Divisions, Dialysis Equipment
  • $3,599.00 Setup Fee

$750/ month




  • Includes Home Module
  • Up to 4 Customized Water Records
  • $3,099.00 Setup Fee

$999/ month

Premium Plus



  • Includes H2O Interface Module
  • Up to 6 Customized Water Records
  • $2,750.00 Setup Feee

what services MRM provides

Custom Applications

Available off-the-shelf software not available? Have a vision on how you expect software to work? Have a new idea?

Web Applications

Web based applications offer on demand and greater accessibility and central control of your vital information.

Mobile Apps

By streamlining data and communication, Healthcare apps provide users mobile access to real-time information.

Health Data analytics

Health care analytics is the examination of patterns from data collected from within the healthcare environment.

Custom API interfacing

A custom API allows the user to access specific information to facilitate accurate usage and implementation actions.

QA/QC Software Testing

We deliver exceptional software by continuously monitoring QA/QC of the development and testing process.

Our Software Development Process

MRM Software Inc. uses agile software development to meet our customers’ unique business or personal objectives, goals, or processes.

Software Purpose and Process Analysis

Observing our customers Specific Requirements with existing processes and operations. Direct understanding on purpose of the software development providing a client-specific a viable real world solution.

Designing and Wire-framing

Designing UI interfaces with a focus on ease of use that are highly usable and efficient, minimizing the number of actions to display data and data relationships between each user action and screens.

Software Development

Our software development team working with our customers' key contact persons will start the process of dividing the software development into distinct phases to improve the design, product management, and project management. With constant weekly progress updates, we maintain our agile software development process.

Medical Device Interface (MDI) automatically collects and integrates information from various medical devices
interfacing a medical device and a clinical information system

Feature Testing and Beta Releases

Fully testing each completed feature and then releasing in deployment steps to demo environment allowing continuous integration and increases bug-fixing speed. Using feedback and user input to help validate software solution purpose and project completion timetables.

Soft/Live Launch

Upon successful completion of a soft launch and before the live launch, MRM will provide to all clients, adequate software training, FAQ support documentation, allowing the client to conduct demos and clearly articulate the software purpose to the end-user.

Product Support

Ongoing product support is available for all software development. We offer specific types of product support. Documentation and Personnel. Documentation support is internal Knowledge Base, How To Tutorials, Posted Questions/Answers, and FAQ’s. Support personnel are external Email, Live Chat, Phone or Social Media Support.

MRM Software Applications

MRM Custom Software Development

MRM works with involved partners in a collaborate work-style, developing and implementing innovative software solutions. Understanding and embracing customer requirements and a one version for all is counter productive for our long term vision.

MRM Fetch

Medical Equipment interfacing and parsing equipment communication strings into readable and usable data for users with database storage and retrieval.


Custom Software for remote monitoring and data collection in real-time of any water treatment processes. Capturing Reverse Osmosis and Water Treatment components performance data in real time.

MRM Renal

MRM Renal is a complete patient EMR for the Dialysis Environment. Dedicated software allowing; Dialysis Machine Data Collection/Interfacing, Bed Side Charting, Electronic Documentation Management, allowing the viewing of all ongoing treatments in real time.

MRM Desktop

MRM Desktop is desktop user interface for data entry into the EMR, also local display of real-time status of ongoing dialysis treatment.

MRM Technical

MRM Technical, which provides biomedical managers with the ability to instantly review multiple department performances and technical compliance. Online electronic documentation management software.

MRM Software Inc. works with involved partners in a collaborative work-style, developing and implementing innovative solutions.

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